Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Gold Medal Moment

Back in February, my novel Shall Never See So Much was chosen by MWSA (Military Writers Society of America, of which I am a member) as its Book of the Month selection. MWSA had also provided a very favorable review that described the story as “incredible.”

Is there an author anywhere who wouldn’t relish such a description? Not at this desk, I have to say. The adjective incredible is always a coveted measure of performance unless, of course, its negative use flouts a particularly dark part of one’s character or boorish behavior, in which case its inclusion in a blog of this sort would become unlikely.

At any rate, I received notification this past weekend that MWSA selected my novel for a Gold Medal in its category of Historical Fiction–Chronicle. A freakin’ Gold Medal, for cryin’ out loud! Like Michael Phelps wins every time he enters a pool. Like the award that launched the career of Sugar Ray Leonard. Like the entire 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team wore after they took down the vaunted Russkies and the Finns.

I’ve always wondered what it might be like to win a Gold Medal.

Well, thanks to the wonderful folks at MWSA, I’m going to construct a podium, unfurl my American flag, and find a recording of the National Anthem. Then I’m going to stand up there proudly and have myself a moment. I don’t mean just any moment; I’m talking about A GOLD MEDAL MOMENT.

Then I’ll finally know.

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