Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random Thoughts . . .

All of this stock-market volatility makes my stomach churn. As if there’s not enough volatility in the world already.

I wonder how society will pay the doctor and hospital bills of the Boomer generation for the next 25 years? Will there be enough physicians? Enough beds? Enough diapers? Just send the bills to our kids.

Speaking of kids: I’m not exactly sure when the lines crossed, but my three kids now teach me more than I teach them. They think very well on their own, and they know a lot about life and parenting and how the world might work better. I listen carefully, because inevitably I learn something useful. They pastor large churches, start non-profits, raise kids with their spouses, and run small businesses on the side. It’s not enough that they’ve given us wonderful grandkids, but now I can quietly listen and learn. And I do.

Speaking of grandkids: They are one of life’s grandest gifts, to be sure, each one a unique little treasure that keeps on giving and enriching. I’m thankful beyond measure that I’ve lived long enough to receive such a bountiful blessing.

Speaking of living long enough: The recent helicopter crash that took 30 of our finest reinforces the truism that our freedom comes with a price. They were all dedicated and brave young men, their lives cut short and their families devastated over such a profound loss. We should be made better by their sacrifice.

Try as I might, I can maintain a salad diet for only one week, tops. Then it’s gotta be Mexican. Or Chinese. Or Italian. Or whatever.

I’m a Coca-Cola guy. Diet Coke, to be specific. I live in Atlanta, so Pepsi has absolutely no utility in my life. Not now, not ever. I ordered a Diet Coke and a banana split from room service several years ago, and the guy on the other end of the phone started laughing. Hey, a guy’s got his preferences, right?

Speaking of Atlanta: The summer Georgia heat has been brutal of late. Hi-90s in the shade. Could it be that Al Gore is right? By the way, Al, thanks for inventing the internet. Keeps me inside in the air-conditioned cool, ordering stuff from Amazon and monitoring the stock-market swings.

Kudos to the Atlanta Braves. We won’t likely catch the Phillies in the regular season, but we’ll get ‘em in the postseason.

That’s it for now.


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