Monday, August 20, 2012

10 Ways to Get America Back on Track

1.     Get rid of reality shows like the one featuring those pathetic, miserable fools sisters and replace them with more inspiring subjects. Gabby Douglas and Missy Franklin come to mind. The U.S. military also has an abundance of worthy subjects. Hollywood celebrity worship is to a healthy culture as a dog-poop topping is to  pizza. Neither is improved.   

2.     Create a massively funded legal juggernaut to oppose the ACLU, with great vigor, especially on matters of religious freedom.  Maybe Donald Trump could lead it (but not make it into a reality show!).

3.     Break the public unions. Taxpayers will be well served. It’s a nasty cycle of political bribery and cronyism. God bless Scott Walker.

4.     Begin some type of ethics training for middle and high schools, and especially into undergraduate and graduate programs. The number of crooks now in our public and private sectors is worrisome.

5.     Find the right bi-partisan balance in regulating market activities, especially in the financial sector. Not overly burdensome, but smart and with plenty of bite for the offenders. And by all means don’t house the convicted offenders in minimum-security prisons. Let them experience for themselves what they did to others.

6.     Consider our national security as the primary objective for securing our national borders. Then work backwards from there to create a fair immigration policy.

7.     Enact term limits for members of Congress. Say, three terms for a representative and two terms for a senator. Stop the pattern of going to Congress and staying forever, dodging the tough votes, and retiring a multi-millionaire. Really, how much good is Harry Reid doing this nation? Your witness.

8.     Don’t gut the military. We have Islamist extremists who want to murder us by the tens of thousands, and the Chinese are building their military to control the Pacific region. We draw down at our own peril.  

9.     Address and fix the debt issue, with everything on the table.

10. Elect a president who has experience in the private sector, and preferably who would have a running mate with budget experience.
Those are my 10. What are some of yours?

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