Monday, July 16, 2012

Hard Drive, RIP

I recently had a tech support person with a hard foreign accent deliver the hard truth that my hard drive had crashed. I even paid for that diagnosis, while all along my instincts had been telling me that the hard drive was finished. Once confirmed, I had to consider the next steps.  

So what now? Buy a new hard drive and replace it myself? Buy a new computer? Shrug it all off and catch the next flight to Costa Rica?

Well, I bought a new computer. On balance, I think I made the right choice. I can only hope it all works out. Here's a bit of the summary: 

Good news: I saved the most important files only an hour before the crash.
Bad news: I lost all my work-related Outlook folders and emails.

Good news: My wife and I kept up with emails and texts from our amazing new iPhones.
Bad news: We never talk anymore since we're busy doing amazing iPhone stuff.

Good news: The 330 songs I had purchased from iTunes were saved.
Bad news: The 700 songs I had added from my own CD collection weren't. (iCrap!)

Good news: I'm learning Windows 7.
Bad news: I miss Windows XP (sorta like I'd miss my favorite watch; it was comfortable).

Good news: I've now got a new, updated computer.
Bad news: It wasn't free.

I would prefer not to hear the phrase, "Your hard drive has crashed," for a long time to come. But of all the "crashes" that could have come my way, I suppose this one was probably the least destructive.

iGrateful, iThink.

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